The "Now We're Cooking" training program is conducted at the Central Sussex Training Facility located at 211 Race Street, Georgetown De.  Students are placed by referral from their home school district.

An exciting  training program created for high school students...


The "Now We're Cooking" Program is a vocational foodservice program geared toward youth in grades 9-12 attending local participating high schools.  The program offers first rate food service, work readiness and life skills training to learning disabled and non-disabled students.  The training, conducted by hightly trained and certified chefs, provides these students with the skills they need to transition from school to the work environment and empowers them to become self-sufficient.


This training program operates 3-4 hours per day, 1-2 days per week for about 28 weeks beginning in October and ending in May.  There is no application process for the program.  Referrals are made from participating school districts based on student needs and interest.


All students must complete 168 hours of culinary training and complete all lab experiments conducted in the kitchen.  Students also receive soft skills training such as resume writing, computer literacy training and interviewing skills.  The program seeks to improve academic performance by integrating subject areas such as language arts, social studies, history, math and geography in to daily projects and activities.