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Comprehensive Case Management

Comprehensive Case Management utilizes a systematic approach to provide services to clients.  A purposeful, goal-directed, holistic process allows our Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) the opportunity to assist clients with goals setting.  After the client has outlined their goals, the FRC and the client develop an Action Plan with measurable milestones and ways to cope with barriers.

  • Employment -  Help each client to become employed full time with benefits.
  • Income Increases - Assist clients by providing advice to become proficient at their current occupation to achieve an income at or above 200% of the poverty income guideline.
  • Housing - Help clients reside in unsubsidized housing or become home owners.
  • Transportation - Assist clients in finding affordable transportation options including use of public transportation when available.
  • Reduction of Government Benefits - Assist clients to become more self-sufficient to enable them to be less reliant on government subsidies.