First State
Community Action Agency

"To work towards the elimination of poverty and lessen the effects of poverty on people of low income."

Our Mission

People helping people build community.

Dear Fellow Delawareans,

While COVID-19 has unleashed a threat on the health and economy of our nation, it has also revealed a pre-existing condition that places all of us at greater risk. The hierarchy of human value and to be more specific RACISM.

First State Community Action Agency stands with our African American communities in the fight for justice and equality. For over 54 years we have been an advocate and voice to Delaware’s most vulnerable communities and will continue to aid support and resources as we overcome.
We will not be silent and continue to see this injustice go on. We must demand accountability from our leaders for structural change to address our justice system. We too must demand more accountability from each and every one of us to be a change agent for equality to heal this deep wound that has existed for generations.

We can no longer sit idle and do nothing. We are encouraging all those individuals wanting to see change, to register to vote. Only you can make a change by putting people in power who are truly about change and equality.

First State Community Action Agency remains steadfast, stout, enduring and hopeful that together we can and will make a change while serving Delaware and our Nation TOGETHER!

“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

In the movement,
First State Community Action Agency

All our offices are closed to the public but WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU!  Please call 1-800-372-2240 (M-F/8am-5pm) and someone will assist you.  If you need help after normal business hours, please dial 2-1-1 for the Delaware Helpline.


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