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The La Casita Outreach Program opened its doors in March of 1995 bridging the cultural and linguistic gap between the Hispanic population and local businesses, social service agencies and residents.  After more than 20 years of service, La Casita has become an integral part of this diverse community.


La Casita Outreach offers resources and services to enable the Hispanic population in Georgetown, DE and surrounding areas to fully enjoy and be involved in their communities.  Our goal is to build a support system for our clients and to ensure they have access to the resources they need in order to live a productive life.  Through a combination of useful and educational services, individuals can become well-informed, successful Delaware residents.


Who we serve


Individuals must register to receive services at La Casita Outreach.  To register, you must provide:

  • A photo ID (Passport, Consular ID Card or DPI)

  • Family income verification

  • Social Security cards for all family members


La Casita services are for low-income individuals and families.  Income limits apply and verification must be provided to determine eligibilty.  Income will be periodically reviewed to ensure continued eligibility.


Services Offered


  • Making medical, legal or transportation related appointments

  • Completing applications/forms for work, passports, rental/housing, public benefits such as Medicaid and Food Stamps.

  • Notary Services

  • Taxpayer Assistance

  • Bill Payment

  • Rental/Housing Information

  • Job Searches

  • General Translations