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Social, physical and emotional factors such as lack of resources and support, stress and crisis, child behavorial difficulties and certain parental characteristics can often challenge a parent's coping skills and have a negative impact on a child's well-being.  The Promoting Safe & Stable Families (PSSF) program exists to serve families experiencing stress from these factors and to ensure a safe and stable environment for the children.


When family members express a desire to resolve problems or change something about their lives, PSSF Family Consultants work with them to develop a realistic plan of action that is tailored to their strengths, needs, priorities and resources.


PSSF uses a unique family centered intervention approach that helps parents to become the driving force behind the planning process to meet their children's needs.  Specific interventions are designed to:

  • Reduce family stress & crisis

  • Increase networks of support

  • Connect families to services and resources

  • Improve child/adult relationships

  • Increase knowledge of resources

  • Teach a different way of planning


Promoting the Family as the Leader -

Families in the PSSF program take the lead in:

  • Identifying concerns, worries or problems

  • Recommending solutions to alleviate concerns

  • Mobilizing supports which can provide assistance to obtain resources

  • Receiving assistance from the Family Consultant, as needed


Sharing Responsibility

Each family collaborates with and shares the responsibility of planning with a trained Family Counsultant.  The following best practices are used to enhance this relationship:

  • Working in a family friendly environment

  • Understanding a family member's needs

  • Creating a partnership with family members

  • Developing a caring attitude that makes families feel safe

  • Communicating with families in a responsible and effective manner


Enhancing a sense of community

Each PSSF Family Consultant:

  • Knows about community resources

  • Advocates with families for services

  • Focuses on building relationships between the community and the family member


Protecting Family Integrity

PSSF Family Consultants believe:

  • Accepting and protecting personal and cultural values and beliefs is important

  • Focusing on strengths helps families to function in a multicultural society.


Accessing Resources & Supports

The PSSF Family Consultant assists by:

  • Strengthening the family's informal support systems rather than depending soley on professional support systems

  • Connecting families to community resources


Strengthening the Family

The PSSF Family Consultant encourages families to:

  • Make decisions about the services they need and recieve

  • Build on family strengths

  • Improve adult relationships



What Happens When a Family Participates in the PSSF Family Centered Planning Process?


Once a family begins the process, the PSSF Family Consultant will:

  • Tell the family about the program

  • Gain an understanding fo  family concerns through the completion of an assessment process

  • Assist the family in identifying their support system

  • Help the family to create a plan to achieve individual and family goals

  • Maintain contact with the family to talk about their progress

  • Aid families in overcoming barriers or obstacles that prevent them from meeting their needs


Will information about the family be kept confidential?


Yes.  Family information will only be shared with the PSSF Family Consultant and with the data collector (Office of Prevention and Early Intervention).  All information is confidential and cannot be shared with other agencies without the family's consent/permission.



This program is sponsored by the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families.