Here's what people are saying about the Senior Companion Program...


"I sincerely commend each and everyone associated with the program.  As for me, it is a real plus to the sick and handicapped of this state..."




"She (the volunteer) is one of the best!  She has devoted many hours caring for my aunts.  I do not know of a more caring, unselfish, attentive person.  She is TOPS!! We love her as if she is family!


Nephew of Client


"I fixed a client his lunch and sat down to eat with him.  He began to cry and thanked me.  It was the first time someone had sat down with him to eat in years since his wife died.  I felt so good that I was able to make a difference."


Senior Companion





Senior Companions lend a helping hand


Senior Companions are volunteers who provide assistance and friendship to seniors and other individuals who have difficulty with daily living tasks.  The service they provide helps others live independently in their homes.


Who may serve as a Senior Companion?


Senior Companions must be at least 55 years of age, meet income eligibility requirements, and be able to volunteer from 15-40 hours per week.  Eligible companions receive a small tax-free stipend to offset the cost of serving.  They also receive reimbursement for transportaion, sick, vacation and holiday time off.  Volunteer companions also receive an annual physical and supplemental accident and liability coverage while they are serving.



Is special  training required?


New Senior Companions receive 20 hours of orientation training before they are placed.  Each month, they also receive 4 hours of training on medical conditions commonly seen in the elderly population and those with disabilities such as Alzheimers and dementia and information and training on common legal issues.


What does a Senior Companion do?


Volunteers provide companionship, peer support and temporary relief for families and caregivers.  Other assistance may include grocery shopping, transportaion, light housekeeping and meal preparation.  The most important thing they provide is friendship.



What does the service cost?


Services are provided to eligible clients at no charge. 




The Senior Companion Program is funded through the Corporation for National & Community Service and the State of Delaware and is administered by First State Community Action Agency, Inc.