Hey Teens! Plan a weekend with the Stars!


Delaware teens have a unique, wonderful opportunity to take part in the planning of Hollywood Invades Delaware 2015 Teen Summit this summer.

The Delaware Prevention Coalition and First State Community Action Agency is conducting focus groups to attract youth who are interested in being on the teen summit planning committee. Teens 13-17 year olds will meet bi-monthly to help plan and facilitate interactive, open dialogue workshops of activities for their peers on topics of interest such as underage drinking and prescription drug use, dating and relationships, and financial issues. During the summit, teens have an opportunity to interact with Hollywood Stars.

The next Focus Group will be on Wed 4/22/15 at 5:00pm at First State Community Action Agency (308 N. Railroad Ave) in Georgetown. Food will be served. Spread the word and bring a friend to two!

For more information contact Melissa Clendaniel at 302-856-7761 ext. 267


The Summit is an opportunity for teens and their families (parents/guardians) to be exposed to current issues facing today’s teens. The Summit will provide teens a voice to articulate these issues in their community and with their peers. Teens will learn information that will encourage positive and critical thinking skills and promote self-respect and self-esteem. The Summit focuses on empowering teens with great opportunities to interact with Hollywood stars!!

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