On the Road with the Summer Cooling Installation Crew

We're on the road again, this time with First State's Summer Cooling Assistance Program (SCAP) & the installation crew as they provide cooling relief to some of Delaware's most vulnerable residents. Today's Stop (July 20, 2015): Seaford, DE. (Sussex County) Today's Weather: 96 degrees Fahrenheit (It was a scorcher) Households impacted during our visit: (2) The homes of a 71 year old senior (client not pictured) and a single, working mother of two-year old child. Neither one had A.C. units or suitable cooling devices in their homes. In one case, extreme heat conditions led to a heat-related sickness and hospitalization of a child, forcing the family to vacate their home. SCAP to the Rescue: Today's SCAP Installation team included Terrence Sampson, Al Artis, and Charles Kistler. Check out some photos of their work as our cameras pop in on their installation. See more photos of today's visit on Facebook First State's Summer Cooling Assistance Program provides energy efficient air conditioners to low-income (eligible) households in Kent and Sussex counties during the summer months. To date, To date, First State has installed 174 window A.C. units. Don't risk your family's health in this summer's hot weather. You may be eligible to receive an air conditioner for your home. Call Toll Free 800-372-2240 today to apply by appointment.

For more information and eligibility guildelines, click here.

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