Energy Education Workshop for Kids

On Thursday, June 30, 2016 First State Community Action Agency, in partnership with Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, hosted an Energy Workshop for Children in Georgetown, Delaware. First State invited families from their Repair, Replace Heaters and Conserve Energy (RRHACE) Program to participate in the workshop. The RRHACE Program is an income eligible program which repairs or replaces heating units for homeowners in Delaware. Program funding through the Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS) allows the program participants to receive energy education like this and other energy conservation and financial literacy workshops.

The Energy Workshop for Kids began with dinner for the families provided by Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility. The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility also supplied some of the take home items listed below. The workshop was facilitated by First State’s Energy Educator, Angela Bivens. During the workshop 25 children, ages 4-17 years old, were able to learn ways to save energy in the home and help parents to reduce electric bill costs. A portion of the workshop was conducted in First State’s Energy Center which provided an atmosphere for hands-on learning and real-time experience of energy conservation tips. Some of the major appliances in the Energy Center were donated by Sussex County Habitat for Humanity.

While the children were learning in the center, parents participated in a survey and briefing about some energy conservation measures they could install in the home. The hour long presentation concluded with a review for the children and each child received goody bag to take home. The bags were filled with take-home reminders of the topics discussed including activity books, educational information, light switch decals, glow in the dark reminders and refrigerator magnets. Within a few hours after attending the workshop one parent advised First State, “Thanks for the program it's already working in our house. I turned on a light walked out of the room and one of our kids turned out the light within 30 sec.”, this testimony validated the need for the program.

To view more pictures from the Energy Workshop for Kids visit the First State Facebook Page.

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