Energy Center Ribbon Cuttings – Dover, Newark, & Georgetown

On June 22, July 17th, and July 8th, First State Community Action Agency, Delaware Sustainable Education Utility, and partners held ribbon cuttings for the Community Energy Education Centers at the James W. Williams DSSC Building in Dover, the Thurman Adams State Service Center in Georgetown, and the Floyd I. Hudson State Service Center in Newark, Delaware. The Ribbon cuttings featured an overview of the Community Energy Centers and Summer Home Cooling Workshops as well as testimonials from clients who've benefited from the Community Education Centers.

Representatives of the different partner and referral agencies, as well as clients of the energy program, spoke very highly on the valuable information and benefits the energy education/services, energy educators, and summer cooling workshops provide.

Click for photos from Dover Ribbon Cutting, Georgetown & Newark Ribbon Cutting events.

Energize Delaware Community Energy Centers (CEC’s) offer Delawareans a one-stop-shop to access energy bill payment assistance, energy education, weatherization and related home repair services, energy and budget counseling, as well as referrals to other related programs and services. The program also serves the community through Home Energy Workshops and the Delaware Energy Directory and Utility & Fuel Assistance Guide.

Since piloting in November 2016, the CEC’s have provided more than 830 low-income Delawareans with energy counseling and bill payment assistance, as well as educated more than 400 Delawareans on home weatherization techniques through its Winter Home Heating Workshops. Energize Delaware Community Energy Centers are brought to you by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility. The Energy Coordinating Agency administers the program, and Catholic Charities and First State Community Action Agency run the Centers.

First State Community Action Agency currently oversees three of the five CEC in the state of Delaware. Each county has one CEC which is co-located in a State Service Center. Basic requirements include low income (80% Annual Median Income or 200% below Federal Poverty level), 18 years or older, and live in a single-family home (a housing unit made of less than 5 apartments, no apartment complexes).

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