First State and Nehemiah Gateway hosts EITC Awareness Day

Georgetown- On Friday, January 26, First State Community Action Agency (First State) in partnership with Nehemiah Gateway CDC hosted the Sussex County EITC Awareness event. The two organizations joined forces with U.S. Senator Tom Carper in an effort to alert low and moderate income workers who may be missing out on the earned income tax credit or EITC. "The earned income tax credit has proven effective to help hard working families gain a much-needed boost in their finances and meet the demands of everyday life," said Bernice Edwards, Executive Director of First State. What’s worse, is qualifying for the credit and not knowing it....That is why EITC awareness is so key. Nehemiah Gateway's Maisha Thoms opened the press conference with an overview of the Delaware ETIC Campaign which offers free tax preparation and financial services to families of low and moderate incomes within 16 sites across Delaware. "Delaware is the second top VITA [tax prep] site in the nation said," Thoms said. "On average our tax clients save $300-$500 dollars and qualifying taxpayers are able to get larger refunds because of the earned income tax credit." Adriannah Harris, a tax client for the past eight years, shared how the earned income tax credit helps her catch up on bills, care for her daughter, and enroll in Wilmington University to further her education. Harris says she hopes congressional leaders continue supporting this tax credit which helps working families and that EITC beneficiaries "use the refund wisely." Special guest, U.S. Senator Tom Carper, closed the event by discussing the overall benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for working taxpayers as well as provided updates on the new tax reform bill. In his message he encouraged individuals to spread the word about EITC program, touting the program as one of the nation's best welfare reform, work-incentive initiatives enacted by congress. "How do we strengthen the basic building blocks of society, the family?" Senator Carper asked the audience. "You gotta get people to work...and when they do they're better off." "That's the focus of EITC."

**Thank You**

On behalf of First State Community Action Agency and Nehemiah Gateway, we thank you for celebrating National EITC Awareness Day with us!​ Special thanks to our wonderful friend in Congress, U.S. Senator Thomas Carper, for sharing the great benefits of the earned income tax credit (EITC) program.​Please help spread the word about this great tax credit for working individuals and families. Learn how you might qualify for EITC by taking advantage of our free tax preparation services offered statewide!

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