Dads Take Your Child to School Event

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Delaware Fatherhood and Family Coalition’s (DFFC) Kent County Leadership Committees (CLC) hosted Dads Take Your Child to School (Breakfast) at Central Middle School, Dover, DE, District Capital School District. The event also featured a “Boys to Men Panel”. This portion of the event was specially tailored for students whose father/father figure was unable to attend. In this session John Martin, Capital School District School Board President, moderated a panel discussion on what it means to be a man. Javi, from MTV’s hit show Teen Mom was the celebrity guest along with three other Kent DFFC Members, Eric Morgan, Lamont Pierce, and Kevin Kelley (pictured). Dads Take Your Child to School provides a unique opportunity to capture the attention of fathers about the many services available for them and their families. The Dads Take Your Child to School offered health education sessions, father (family) and children actives, food and give-a-ways. Participating in the events were approximately 384 fathers/ father figures; 126 students participated in the breakfast and 700 students participated in panel. The Delaware Fatherhood and Family Coalition’s (DFFC) seeks to increase community involvement state wide providing factual information to increase awareness within the community to understand how imperative father involvement is as a protective factor in the development of children and the community regarding issues of health, education, crime, peer and parental relationship and poverty; relative as children are faced with multiple negative life influences. Events such as the Dads Take Your Child to School seek to dispel such risk factors, and to build skills within the community, fathers and mothers to join forces in positive co-parenting the children.

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