Culinary School Reopening - Ribbon Cutting

First State Community Action Agency and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce invite you to join us for a Ribbon Cutting at our newly renovated Culinary School on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 11:00 AM Central Sussex Training Center at 211 N. Race Street Georgetown, DE 19947 Refreshments will be provided by the Adult Culinary Arts students for your enjoyment Renovation grants provided by The Longwood Foundation & The Welfare Foundation

Renovation Details:

In 2017, First State was awarded $100,000 from the Longwood Foundation and $50,000 from the Welfare Foundation to renovate the commercial kitchen facility inside the Central Sussex Training Center on Race Street in Georgetown, DE.

We contracted with Lighthouse Construction to conduct the renovations project which began in May 2018.

With this renovation, First State was able to replace all outdated commercial appliances and purchase new equipment such as stainless steel tables and new chairs for the classroom, an Ice cube maker, gas charbroiler, blender bar, food processor, commercial can opener & hand mixer. New tile floors were installed in both kitchens, the pantry and office as well as new ceiling tiles with safe, bright lighting. The project took just over two months to complete.

By having an updated, state-of-the-art commercial facility we can provide expanded services such as specialty cooking classes to the general public, additional Adult Culinary Arts training classes,. In all this we will also demonstrate to our partnering schools that we are better equipped to teach their students job skills and necessary life skills through our Now We’re Cooking Program so that they can become gainfully employed after graduating from high school.

Renovation Impact:

The renovation of our Culinary School/program will surely have a tremendous and positive impact on our Culinary Arts Training program. The renovations have allowed us to upgrading the equipment that was outdated and/or broken beyond repair. This use of new equipment and appliances empowers the graduating culinary students to be familiar with the equipment they will be expected to know how to operate when they go to work in a restaurant. Moreover, the renovation provides a new, safe, and state-of-the-art professional learning environment for the adult students in our Adult Culinary Arts training program as well as the high school students with special needs enrolled in our Now We’re Cooking vocational culinary arts program.

Learn more about First State’s Adult Culinary Arts Training Program

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