Farmers to Families Drive Thru Food Pantry 5/26/21

DO YOU NEED BOXES FOR YOUR PANTRY? Email today to reserve your boxes! Food Pantries can pick up a pre-assigned number of boxes they feel they can deliver immediately to families in need. Pantries can take up to 300 Boxes to distribute. Each box comes with a gallon of milk. Food is perishable!

Volunteer Spots: Forklift Operator, Set Up Crew, Unloaders (from the truck) Loaders (to the vehicle receiving food), Traffic Control, and Clean Up Crew. Can you help?

Please email if you are able to volunteer either or both days. You may also simply text "I want to volunteer for Food Distribution" to 302-745-1935.

What do Volunteers need to remember?

Ø Wear Masks

Ø Practice Social Distancing

Ø Use Hand Sanitizer throughout the day

Ø Stay Hydrated

Ø Dress in Weather Appropriate Work Clothes

Ø Do not come if you are sick or anyone in your household has been sick or if you have been exposed to the Covid-19 Virus.

SITES NEED These Volunteers and Supplies (recommended):

ˆ 1 Forklift and pallet Jack and Forklift Driver – be at site at 10 AM stay until both trucks are unloaded. (2 volunteer needed)

ˆ Tarps to cover pallets (cover helps keep things cool as we distribute)

ˆ Traffic Plan and Volunteers to keep traffic controlled; Set up, during the event, break down cones, signs etc. Set up the day before, be one site at 10 AM. (6 volunteers needed)

ˆ Set up Crew -- Count Volunteer (Keep track of how many boxes have come off the truck) This Volunteer stays all day starting at 10 AM Helps manage how fast the boxes are going out and which bulk pickups have received. (1 -2 volunteers needed)

ˆ Truck helper – using pallet jack to set pallets on truck in position to be removed from the truck and placed in spot for distribution. (3 strong volunteers)

ˆ Volunteers to load food boxes in the trunk. (Work in Shifts) Arrive at 10 AM. (8 Volunteers needed) Arrive at 11:30 AM (4 volunteers needed)

ˆ When Bulk Distributions are being given – there will be a need for strong volunteers able to unload and load quickly multiple boxes. Began at 11 AM and stay until work is done. (6 volunteers needed)

ˆ Cleanup Crew arrive at 2 PM- 4PM (4 Volunteers needed) – take away trash, have pallets picked up – stack milk crates to be picked up – sometimes milk crates need to be picked up and delivered to another location – so we need to transport them until the milk company comes to pick them up.

ˆ Scavenger CREW arrive with a truck and ability to haul away extra boxes to a shut-in, food banks, Salvation Army, Teen Challenge, LOVE INC etc. to receive. (4 volunteers needed) 2 PM – 4 PM- this crew is "on call" if boxes are gone there is nothing to distribute.

o One of our recent events ran out of food before an employee who was working retail could get to drive through. So this does not happen again, we have a list of local retailers and restaurants we have identified to deliver boxes to the employees with food insecurity. We believe that work should not be the reason a food box did not get distributed to those who would benefit.

ˆ Personal supplies volunteers can bring (recommendation- not necessary) bottled water to keep hydrated, a snack to keep nourished, layered clothes (or rain gear if needed), sunscreen, bug spray, a folding chair to rest (when possible) and a positive and resilient attitude!

Who can get these boxes?

Anyone who asks. This is to get across our county to all in need during this time of food insecurity. We will work hard to get this food to the LAST MILE! We encourage delivery to shut ins or persons unable to attend due to work. If a person driving through can safely get the food delivered to a person in need they are encouraged to do so.

Truck load arrives at Host site, at 10 AM. Bulks orders for other local pantries will go out first, they have been assigned to arrive before 11 AM. If a line forms early, and people can safely drive through –we allow early access. Love INC is taking these requests from neighboring pantries and has a list of persons who will be picking up and how many boxes they will be picking up.

Pantries wishing to get food boxes to distribute are to contact Love INC by emailing Pantries can send in requests of how many boxes – if you can do 10 or 300 or anything in between. Your request should only be the capacity you can handle. 1 gallon of milk goes with each box.

Host Site Details

Each Host Site will need pallets removed at the end of day – if you know of a company who can pick up and use pallets - please arrange picking up after food distribution – 3PM until 5 PM. Email to arrange.

1,400 Boxes will be available for each site for drive through.

The pre-ordered “bulk give” and are instructed to come early to get their boxes to distribute from other sites, deliver or take to give from their food closet.

Contingency plan for each site (Pre-arrange food closest to pick up leftovers) – There are sometimes left-over boxes. If your pantry or food distribution wants to come at the end and grab leftovers, please attend from 2PM-3PM. This is not always the case as most of the drive throughs are well attended. We like to have this spot “on-call”.

All parties agree to get the food boxes to the “last mile” directly to the neighbors in need in a timely fashion as the food is perishable and requires refrigeration.

Boxes are filled with Fresh Produce, Meats and Dairy. These items are perishable and need to be distributed quickly, especially the milk.

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