Georgetown Police Visit Learning Pod Students

On Wednesday, 4/21/21, Joseph Melvin (Georgetown PD-School Resource Officer) visited the youth in our Learning Pods to have a talk about Respect & Trust. He explained to the youth that both go hand in hand, and that as a citizen, people need to be able to Trust Law Enforcement to protect their best interests to keep them safe. On the other hand respect is a two-way street, and in order to be respected, you must show respect as well. Officer Melvin also briefly discussed Anger and Bullying, and told the kids to not let other people get them worked up to the point that they might show aggression towards another person, but rather, ignore them and walk away is the best thing to do, Officer Melvin said if you show someone that they are getting to you, then they are controlling you and your actions!”

Thanks, Officer Melvin!

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