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Summer Youth Employment Accepting Applications! Extended to May 31st!!!

The Summer Youth Employment Program will be accepting applications May 8th thru May 18th! The program is open to eligible youth ages 16-19.

All applications must be completed ONLINE and all required documents must be uploaded with the application. During the early stages of recruitment, all communication will be done electronically so a valid email/phone number is required. All communication with applicants will be through email/text/cellphone.


This is an Employment Opportunity for YOUTH ages 16-19. To be considered, the HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD must be registered with First State (go here to REGISTER). The application for the SYE Program will be sent to the email address provided. The SYEP application MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED BY THE YOUTH WHO IS APPLYING FOR THE PROGRAM!

We cannot accept applications submitted by parents/guardians!

This is a very popular and competitive program! Be sure you follow the above instructions and complete your application accurately. Also, be sure to upload ALL requested documents! We will NOT contact you if your application is incomplete. Priority is given to those who submit complete and accurate applications! Remember, YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A JOB!

Interested? Parent/Guardian START HERE by registering and requesting the SYEP application! Once the household is registered, you will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL with the link to the SYEP APPLICATION! The application must be completed by the YOUTH who is applying and signed by both the Youth AND the Parent/Guardian.



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